Don’t Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation

boo in swing-1

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    Boo in the Park

I’m trying to beat my reputation for “aloofness” amongst the Thursday Dads of Mystery playgroup. A few guys in the group go against the prevailing zoned-out, cell-phoning, kid-ignoring aura, and I’m starting to get to know and like them.

Nonetheless, I know I’m still the ostracized one. One of the ringleaders is organizing a potluck for the dads, and somehow he arranged that I “overheard” the invitation to the party four separate times. (Maybe I’m paranoid, but as they say, that doesn’t mean that no one’s out to get me.)

It came as no surprise that no invitation was forthcoming for me. Not that I’d really have wanted one, and I don’t think they had to invite me. It’s just — well, didn’t we all learn in elementary school:

If you’re arranging a party, don’t invite your friends in front of other kids who aren’t getting invited!


Word count: 146. Yay! Right On Target!