Makeover Monday: Sick and Tired of Moving

I don’t know how much longer I can pretend I’m even participating in Makeover Monday when I so rarely actually hit the title day with my posts.


Still, I’m reassured by the fact that my goal of condensing all the technical crap (computers, printers, hubs, iPod cradle, etc., etc., etc.) onto a single shelf unit was met with…


Yep, it’s all up, towering above me now, held together with something like 75 cable ties and a San Franciscan’s fervent prayer for no earthquakes until we can move.

So it’s time for a new goal. Since I’m sick of anything to do with boxes and moving and such, I’ll revert this week to treating my chronic problem: wordiness. My goal is that most of my posts will be under 150 words. In short:

This week, I will be pithy.

Unlikely, I know. Let’s just call it my “aspirational” Makeover Monday.

My Makeover Monday Maven Moodily Mlogs Mhere.

Word count: 144.