Happy Father’s Day to Me

This is why I do it.


Thanks and Happy Father’s Day to Mike Adamick, who took this lovely picture.

I’m so frikkin’ spoiled. Every day is Father’s Day for me. I know, I know, parenting is hard, I lose out on sleep and a social life and my “career is on hold” (although I like to say that I’m just pursuing a new career for a few or twenty years).

But I love this. Everything I’ve ever done has led me to this place, to this job.

  • I like play, make-believe, and goofiness. I find kidspeak more fascinating than most adult interactions.
  • I get it that “teaching” is the opposite of “telling” — you have to wait until the child comes to you, ready to learn.
  • I value the straight randomness that living things offer. I’m also really good at faking calm, and instantly ditching the best-formed plans if they’re not working.

I want to keep doing this forever, and I know that in one form or another, I will.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!