I Can’t Wait for Teamwork

When I worked as a naturalist, one of my favorite activities was team building. My bag of tricks had challenges involving…

  • rope,
  • copious amounts of masking tape,
  • blindfolds,
  • a sack of rocks…

…you know, all that’s natural but kind of cool.

Well, these games just don’t work with babies; you’ve got to be about 6 or 7 before most of them can be accomplished. And of all my work in outdoor education, I think group dynamics is what I miss the most: there just is no molding the group dynamics of toddlers.

So my post this week for GNM Parents was particularly nostalgic. As part of my series on nature activities for kids, this week I wrote about Outdoor Group Games — team-building ones, particularly. Here’s an excerpt from my post about one of my favorites:

Have your group line up, front to back, at one arm’s length. Have everyone stick his or her right arm out to the side. Now (and not before) get out your roll of masking tape and join their arms together. Go once around each arm, then move back to the next without leaving any slack. Only now do you explain to the group that their challenge is to get around as a group without breaking the tape. You’ll give them simple instructions and they need to figure out among themselves how to manage…

The rest of that activity and two others are written up here. You can also check out my previous postings about things to do with your kids in the wild outdoors: I’ve posted about beach activities, observation games, and journal activities so far. In two weeks comes my last post in the series and one of my favorite wilderness activities: The Night Hike!

If you try the activities, let me know how they go!