Makeover Monday: From an Empty Corner Into an Attack on Techno-Sprawl

2007 06 10 002

  <p class="photocaption">
    The Newly-Empty Corner of the Nursery

Success! As I’d hoped in last week’s Makeover Monday, I got the bookcase in the baby’s room entirely emptied and moved down to the garage.

(If you’re new here, Makeover Monday is the brainchild of this minx.)

(If you’re wondering why I called Mood Swinging Mommy a “minx,” it’s ’cause I called her a “chick” last week and she was flattered. I’m just pushing the envelope. At least I didn’t mention stirrups.)

(And yeah, my last Makeover Monday post was actually… on a Monday. I’ve noticed that the later in the week my MM post comes, the more likely I am to have successfully completed it.)

Goal complete, here’s my new one for this Makeover “Monday”:

I will condense all the computers, routers, printers, and other assorted technical crap to the one tall cabinet in the office. Death to techno-sprawl!

It’s not like I’ve got a technology fetish (like some guys I could mention), but for some reason, the computers and cables and cradles (oh my!) seem to burst forth from every effort to contain them. So that’s the goal: a tidy office!