Makeover Monday: New and Improved! Now, Actually on Monday!

Nothing’s more depressing than getting behind on the week’s goals on the very first day of the week. Well, maybe war and poverty and stuff. But not much else.

Anyway, in an effort to avoid that fate, here’s my progress on Makeover Monday (as inspired by this chick), actually published on Monday for a change.

Goal: “Get these boxes down into the garage!”

Completion Status: No frikkin’ way.

Whoops. That’s two weeks running that my major goal has been thwarted. Therefore, I’m going to follow the lead of countless CEOs and unpopular presidents and simply redefine the goal.

2007 05 28 001_edited-1

  <p class="photocaption">
    A Small Part of My Space Bag Stash. And No, I Haven&#8217;t Sold Out to the Space Bag People. I Probably Would, Though. Call Me?

My new goal for last week is now going to be:

Get the old baby clothes packed away.

And I did, thanks to a gimmick called the “Space Bag,” and no, I’m not being sponsored or anything: I just like sucking air out of 75 pounds of too-small baby clothes with a hand vac and piling it all into a trunk. Sure, the trunk can hardly be lifted now, but who cares about that? The first huge boxes haven’t caused an earthquake yet: why should this one be any different?

All this redefined success, of course, leaves me without a goal for the week to come. I think I’ve been biting off a little too much, so I’m going to downgrade to just one small chore.

This week, I will:

Pack away all the books on the bookshelf in the baby’s room and move the shelf down to the garage.

The Vegas bookmakers have set the likelihood of this actually happening at 15 to 1 against. I’m going to prove them all wrong!

See ya in a week.