Too Disturbing For Words. But I’ll Try.

Working Mom had a dream early Sunday morning, and just told me about it. Apparently, in this dream, I was dying, nearly dead. WM turned to me and told me how sad it would be for Boobaby not to have a father.

“No,” I said in the dream. “Boo can’t live without me. After I’m dead, you’ll have to kill her and put her with me.”

So she did. In the dream, I die, my wife kills the baby and stuffs her into my body.

Needless to say, WM was pretty disturbed by this dream and all its implications… So am I.

Is it that…

  • WM feels that she can’t keep Boo alive without me?
    • That I have taken her place as the “bearer” of the baby?
      • That she’d rather if I were out of the picture?

None of the above, necessarily, I know. Dreams don’t denote reality, they’re an expression of our deepest fears or maybe just stuff we need to let go of. I certainly have had a few “Oh-my-god” dreams since becoming a parent — it’s a natural artifact of the tremendous level of responsibility placed on us as parents. With the great joy comes a potential for great loss, and fear of loss expresses itself in dreams.

It doesn’t signify anything more, right?


Geez, am I ever creeped out.