Makeover Monday II: Tale of the Lucky Homo

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    My Success

As you’ll remember from my first Makeover Monday post (which was last Tuesday*), my goal was to pack six boxes this week, in preparation for our move.

That very faux-Monday-Tuesday, I got two huge crates and emptied out an entire bookshelf into ’em!

Do you see where this is going? Huge crates. Bookshelf. Books.

It’s been a while since I’ve moved, so I’d forgotten the first rule:

Heavy stuff in small boxes, light stuff in big boxes.

Lo, the two crates sit immobile and quite possibly straining the foundations of the house, and heck, for all I know, one of San Francisco’s copious tectonic faults. If the next earthquake strikes this week, you’ll know who to blame.

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    Homogenized Milk, I Guess&#8230; But Still&#8230;

So out I went in search of smaller boxes. Oddly, one of the first ones I found advertised its contents as “Lucky Homo.” Homogenized something, presumably, but what a weird label!

Anyway, the long and the short of it is: Success! A combination of buying and begging and stealing netted me about 10 boxes, six of which I packed (on target!) by last night… the proof is in the photo.

Onward and upward! My continuing goal for this week is:

I will clear out space in the garage for the boxes I’ve packed.

And another auxiliary goal this week:

No more doughnuts!

Thanks again to moodswingingmommy for the inspiration to do this!

*So why was the makeover Monday on Tuesday? Well, Back in school I savored the surreal experience of day-shifting. Remember that? When the schedule would be cockeyed by some holiday so the administration would say something like

This Tuesday is actually a Monday.
This Wednesday is Tuesday.
This Thursday, on the other hand, is Friday.

So that’s why my first Makeover Monday was last Tuesday. Clear?