Makeover Mon–, Well, Tuesday

I was inspired yesterday by moodswingingmommy‘s meme of “Makeover Mondays.” I have always liked “getting things done” systems — to-do lists, New Year’s resolutions, project planning software, that sort of thing. I think it appeals to my “rule follower” tendencies (that nobody believes I have). And there’s something very useful about putting the goals out there in public. not that very many people read this, of course, but even so, publishing my goals in life and white lets them a certain force of accountability.

Besides, between outings, cleaning the house, and putting out all the other fires, I usually don’t have much time to write on the weekends. (Not that I have much time to write on weekdays, either, but somehow it’s easier to make the time.)

I hope it’s not telling that my first Makeover Monday is being published on a Tuesday. Maybe my goal should be “not to procrastinate!”

My goal this week is:

I will pack away six boxes of books and other paraphernalia, either to give away or simply to store, in preparation for “staging” our house to sell.

“You’re selling the house?” you say! “Why, just yesterday you were saying that you wanted to convince your wife not to move back to the Midwest at all!”

Yes, that’s true. We had a great discussion about the whole thing, and decided for a lot of reasons it doesn’t make sense to uproot right now. We’re hoping to have another baby, which isn’t the greatest time to start a new job. Working Mom’s job right now is going really well, and she’s got some greater advancement potential, too.

Our current house is just not suitable to raising a family, however. We’re on a busy street, which means that it’s constantly sooty: I have to dust every day just to break even. We have a second-floor flat, no yard, and not really much space for three people, let alone four.

So we’ve decided to move elsewhere within San Francisco. We’re complete clutterbugs, though, so getting the house ready to sell is going to take a fair bit of sorting, packing away, and plain old recycling. Getting that process started is my goal for this week!

It sounds a little hard, though, so just in case, I’ve got a backup goal:

I will bake bread this week.

That a) shouldn’t be too hard, and b) can be done at the last minute if necessary.

Thanks again to moodswingingmommy, for this great idea!