The Eleventh Tooth

Grandma Doo is playing with Boobaby after her nap while I’m decluttering the office. I hear them singing, and then I hear Boo whimper. A low whimper, to be sure, but building, escalating in both volume and urgency until scant minutes later it’s a full blown sob.

Putting on my best outward appearance of “I’m not panicking” (and if I think it’s hard to project calm now, I have no chance when she’s two or three), I step out into the living room. One of my favorite things about Boo is how she can tell us what she needs even during tantrums. She knows a few words of baby sign, so when she’s screaming, she can still “talk.”

Today, though, she’s telling us nothing. I try holding her to comfort her, and that seems to make it worse. I throw her in the air a few times (which usually is a sure-fire fix), but no go. I offer food, milk, water, and Sauvignon Blanc (well, that last one was for my mother), but she’s not interested. Finally, I give her the Boo Boo Bunny, but instead of holding it against her face, she tries to chew it.

Well, I know what that means. I switch the Boo Boo Bunny out for a regular teething ring and explore Boo’s mouth. (No worries, because I’m trained to do the same with wild animals, so Boo’s a piece of ca— ouch! She bit me!)

I’d seen none of the usual signs — drooling, pulling at the mouth, excessive chewing of furniture and cabinetry — but nonetheless, there it was: her upper right molar poking through. I missed it completely. Boo’s first two molars came in over a month ago, so I’d sort of forgotten to look out for any more. With just two two molars plus the four incisors on the bottom and the four on top, she’s been able to accomplish any chewing task I set before her.

I guess I sort of forgot there were more to expect.

Anyway, with this molar, we’re up to 11. I looked up baby teeth and found that we can expect 20 total, which means we’ve crossed the halfway mark! Only a bottle or two more of Tylenol, a week’s worth of fitful sleep, a few more flesh wounds and we’re there!

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