If you’re reading this, you’ll have discovered that I’ve moved the blog to a new server — I’m a little bit controlling about presentation, and the old blog host was a little restrictive.

The switch took about four hours, and I’m only half-satisfied with the result. That I would even bother, though, has made me wonder a little about why I’m doing this in the first place. Sparing all the time and energy to try to improve the look of the site must mean I am taking this seriously: if I were just shooting for a diary, I was already there.

So why am I blogging, anyway? Here’s what comes to mind:

I am learning about parenting.

Sitting and thinking about something is a piss-poor way of learning it. If I want to learn something, I write it down. With something as important as being a dad, which I really want to learn well, writing semi-publicly lets me share my experiences and read about others, participating in a community while also helping to build it.

I am being a creative adult.

Boy, yeah. No professional work means my creative language was starting to fester. There’s an exercise from The Artist’s Way called “morning pages,” three pages of text that you write, longhand, every day, without fail, for the rest of your creative life. They’re a way to get the thoughts out on paper without editing or critiquing yourself as you go along. The blog falls somewhere in there.

There are also a couple of reasons I’m definitely not doing this.

I am not writing stories to share with my family.

Nope. These stories are for myself. I write some pretty personal things in here — not quite this personal, or this personal either, but I do snark a bit about my wife and former coworkers, and that’s not really fit for the consumption of anyone I know offline. I exchanged e-mails with experienced anonymous blogger BusyMom about this phenomenon, and she’s fine with it; to her the blog is not a family experience, but a personal one.

I am not keeping a private diary.

Well, no, obviously, this is on the Internet (note that’s a singular, capitalized word — I’m old-fashioned), so it’s not private. I could save these on my own computer at home just as easily. But writing and reacting to an audience, albeit a small one, is hugely rewarding and fun.

The final reason that comes to mind, of course, is all the recognition, thanks to certain buddy bloggers out there who nominate me for stuff. (Four people think I’m hot!) Wouldn’t do not to mention that!

Anyway, I’ve made the jump to my own server now, even though it might turn into a ton more work to maintain. (At least I’ll be able to pick my own fonts.)

Thanks for making the jump with me!