So sad. So small.

I can’t really see posting about my pithy little daddy troubles today without acknowledging the tragedy in Virginia. There’s no way I can express how sad I feel, and at the same time I know my grief for our country’s sickness must be dwarfed by the pain of dozens of families today.

We visited family in Virginia last week, and I remember thinking how peaceful it seemed, especially by comparison with our busy, sometimes scary urban landscape here in California. We walked the woods and the fields and breathed that heavy southern air. Boobaby was happy. We felt safe.

Safe is such a temporary word.

As parents, we spend our days protecting our little ones from all and sundry accidents. At least half of my brain power, I think, is dedicated to the elimination of risks to Boobaby. Yet in the face of such overwhelming tragedy, we are just so small and helpless.

Now is not the time to talk politics, neither to inveigh against the gun lobby nor to cry out for more security or less immigration or fewer civil rights. All the same, I can’t escape the feeling that somehow we must find within ourselves, our politics and our policies but also our communities, we must find a way to do better.

I’m going to go wake up Boobaby just so I can hug her. Hug yours for me, too, and anyone else who comes within reach.

There are some links to the VT alumni aid group here, should you feel like helping in a more tangible way. The hugs are a good start, though, too.