Buddy Boy’s Boo Boo

Buddy Boy got hurt today, not badly I think, but my heart is still (hours later) racing from the adrenaline and fear. So forgive me if this post doesn’t really cohere. Its sole purpose is to let me get this all out of my head.

Fridays, my Park Buddy gets a babysitter for Buddy Boy. The babysitter is Filipina, which makes her unique among the nannies at our playground. Her linguistic isolation couples with her innate shyness to make her pretty lonely, so I try to make a point of being friendly with her. Besides, Buddy Boy’s used to eating from our lunch, playing with Boobaby, and finding bugs with me, so it just makes sense to keep hanging out on Babysitter day.

And so, we started off walking toward home together. San Francisco being hilly, there are many uneven paths; in this case, there are three steps leading down from the park to the street level. Just like going off a curb, I tilted Boo’s stroller back and lowered her down each step on the back wheels.

Buddy Boy’s Babysitter, though, didn’t seem to know exactly how to tackle the steps. She let the front wheels go down, so the stroller inevitably got stuck in the middle. Buddy Boy is heavy, the stroller overbalanced, BBBabysitter lost her balance and let go, and Buddy Boy went head over wheels down to the street.

Wow. I’d never been around for a kid accident before. We picked him up and dusted him off. He’d broken his fall with his hands but still hit his forehead, though not hard enough to draw blood. He was, of course, crying and scared.

BBBabysitter got a little weird at this point, not letting me give BBoy a hug or carry him or anything. She carried him and she wouldn’t even accept my help in pushing the stroller. She said something about the other end of the park; I think perhaps she was telling me that they usually don’t use the path with the stairs, but I’m not sure. So I guess letting his stroller fall over was my fault?

Part of me wants to say that this could happen to anyone, and I’m sure that’s right: I’ve heard plenty of stories of kid injuries that happened through no fault of the caregivers. Another part of me wants to say “If you can’t get your stroller down the stairs, ask for some freakin’ help!”

Poor Park Buddy. She already feels bad about having a babysitter day, but feels like she needs it, especially with her husband travelling a lot. I left her a message, but I’m sure she feels horrible for not having been there today.

Aaargh. I’m so confused and emotional and sad and maybe angry right now that I can’t get anything rational out of my head or into my fingers. Sorry to put you through this post. Maybe it’ll all make sense to me tomorrow.