In Which I Take a Moment for External Validation

My pride took a minor beating today, so I needed a bit of a boost. We went to an event at Working Mom’s office; my role, as usual, was “bring the baby.” Still, it’s an office, so I dressed up a bit, shaved, combed my hair, you know, all those things that I generally skip. (Boobaby’s not picky…)

Boobaby was very smiley and we had a good time. All was well until we got home and I noticed two blatant avocado smears on my shirt. The stains were almost perfectly symmetrical, more or less highlighting where my nipples would show if the shirt were transparent, and looked completely intentional.

“Oh, there’s WM’s nice husband. Apparently, he’s lactating something green.”

So imagine how nice it was to come home to find that aimee had nominated me for a Blogger’s Choice Award! It’s thrilling, if a little bizarre because…

  • a) I haven’t really been at this for all that long.
  • b) I’m in the “Hottest Daddy Blogger” category. I have never been described as hot. Something we should tell Bryan and Working Mom, aimee? 🙂
  • c) I’ve been branded as “adult content.” I know most of what I write would be pretty boring for kids (and most adults, too, for that matter), but “adult content”? I did say “apeshit” once. (Well, twice, now.) And I implied “biyatch” in a post title, of course. “Adult content” sort of implies smut, though, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just that I’m so hot I give people ideas. Hm.

feeding the babiesAnyway, it was a nice bit of recognition. Thanks, aimee!
On a similar note, and sorry I forgot to mention this before, but I got another ego stroke when GNM Parents asked me to do a biweekly column! Very exciting… check out my inagural post from last week, on the lessons I took from animal husbandry and applied to baby-rearing. (That’s a blurry me in the picture above feeding one of my pre-Boobaby babies.)

I really didn’t expect an audience at all when I started this thing; it was mostly a way to inspire me to do my morning pages every day. It’s really nice to hear that a few of you are actually getting something from my efforts!