A Humorless Biya-chon

Isn’t it weird how people are so primed to be offended that they take offense at the wrong thing?

At the beach the other day, a cute little bichon frise came over and played with us for a bit. Her owner watched and chatted as the pup ate the scrambled egg bits that Boobaby dropped and was generally pretty damn cute.

Now, it’s officially an on-leash beach, but the local dog lobby has gotten the park service not to enforce that rule. Most of the time, I’ve got no problem with that: the dog owners we run into are really polite, have voice command of their pooches, and keep their distance from little Boobaby.

Still, there are a few dog owners who seem determined to spoil it for everyone. Our our way out, we got bowled over by an 80-pound dog who tore through our trash bag. What a mess! And no apology from the owner, probably because she was 50 yards away, too far away to notice and certainly unable to control her pooch. I’m smart enough not to blame the dogs for this: I blame irresponsible owners.

So, long story short, there is a fair bit of tension between parents of babies and dog owners on the beach. I came face to face with it when I said to the bichon’s owner as the pup was essentially cleaning our mess:

“Don’t worry, those eggs are organic!”

She immediately cut off the conversation, pulled her dog away, and stormed off in a huff.

I’m still at a loss to see what was offensive… I think she was just ready to be offended!