Nannies redux

OK, first off, from some of the e-mail I got after yesterday and talking to my park buddies today, I got a little more info about nannies. First and most amazing to me is that the better ones can make $15 or $20 an hour, which (for full time work) comes out to $30 or $40K.

Thirty? Thousand? Dollars?

Now, I’m sure some folks out there make the kind of salaries where they’d have enough to pay that out above the cost of living, but I certainly haven’t ever, and if I had, well, then my wife would probably stay home with Boobaby.

So now that I know about this, I’m just stunned that the economics works for anybody, especially when the future for such families holds similarly large outlays for preschool, private school, private college, and so on.

Apparently a lot of the people I identify as “nannies” are, in actuality, “baby-sitters,” the difference being that nannies are full-time or close to full time, but babysitters might only cover one day a week, giving the stay-at-home parent some time off. So that makes some sense.

But the fact remains that the kids I see with nannies have parents who can lay out many times more than my working salary on an annual basis. I wonder what they’re like? Probably, I can only imagine, not much like me.

Hoo, boy. Maybe I need to get out of the Bay Area.