Grandma Possessive

Is there a word for a freakish obsession with your kid’s toys?

Obviously, the playground ethic of “share anything that’s out” is somewhat fluid: if a big kid is grabbing Boobaby’s sand shovel, I’ll step in, of course. But that’s an exception, as it should be.

So there’s this one grandma at the playground who

  1. Brings a huge bag of sand toys for her grandkid (not necessary, there are plenty);
  2. Will share them only if her grandkid shows not even the faintest interest; and
  3. Goes apeshit if other kids carry the toys away from the sand box even one foot.

A couple of weeks ago, a shovel went missing (how she knows her inventory I have no idea). I swear she searched the whole playground (including other kids’ strollers) for like 25 minutes, mouthing off the whole time about how she would never bring toys to the playground again.

Wouldn’t that be nice?