Sick Doodaddy

Pre-Boobaby, I could go years without getting sick. Or I’d get a cold that was so mild I wouldn’t notice it until the next day. I’d say to my wife, “You know, I think I had a cold yesterday. Huh.” It’s not like I wasn’t exposed to them, either: I was an outdoor ed teacher! I spent hours of every day with kids in the cold and rain!

Now, though, I’ve gotten three bad colds in the past year, including one right now. Clearly I’m not taking care of myself the way I once did. Plus, instead of going hiking, we go to the playground, which I just today learned is germier than a public restroom, with “46% showing high levels of contamination.”

Cough, cough. Could someone please, please remind me to use sanitizer on the way home from the playground?