Brewing in slackage

What is it about having so much to do that makes me unable to do anything but just sit and do nothing? Monday I’m Superman, doing laundry and organizing. When Working Mom takes the baby on Sunday, though, I regress to adolesence.

I know whereof I speak: I was a mentor to high school students, several of whom are still in touch with me from college. I was on IM with one this morning and we shared the state of mind: still in our pajamas post meridian, looking around us at the stuff  we should have been doing, feeling woozy and underachieving.

Doodaddy (Sunday, 1:15:22 PM): I haven’t been outside since I came home Friday night.
Former Student: i’ve been having trouble leaving my room lately
Former Student: i just don’t want to go outside…takes too much energy and it’s cold
Former Student: i just want to brew in my own slackage
Doodaddy: Yeah, me too.

It was nice to have a sympathetic ear, but I’m an adult! I should be able to do better than this.

I’m going to go fight the slackage.