Getting the chukh out of the dishwasher

two dishwasher baskets!My wonderful mom bought us a brand new dishwasher when we were expecting, with the idea that we could use its “sanitize” feature to avoid too much bottle-boiling. (The old dishwasher, expertly installed by yours truly and ten years old, was starting to leak, unmentionable things were growing under it, and it kind of smelled, but that’s all beside the point.)

Anyway, so we started noticing that some of the bottle parts — the inserts in the top of the Ameda pumping bottles, for example, or the perforated bottoms of the Playtex VentAire bottles, would sometimes come out of the washer with little bits of “chukh” on them — little food particles and such. Eeew!

I finally realized that any pieces that are designed to “fit together” (like the bottom of the VentAire and the rubber air disc) should be kept in different dishwasher baskets. Otherwise, they’ll sometimes get seated within one another, trapping whatever nastiness they can in between!

So we picked up a second basket, use it for the “insert”-type pieces, and we couldn’t be happier!

P.S. How do you spell ‘chukh’? You knew what I meant though, didn’t you?