Off to bed

As parenting wusses, we practice the “no-cry” sleep method, which means basically that if Boobaby’s having a hard time getting to sleep, we help her by rocking, singing lullabies, or feeding her. Although she’s getting down in a pretty reasonable time span these days (10 minutes is typical, although 45 is not unheard of), we’re presented with the problem of how to pass the time.

Obviously, we’re paying attention to Boo, seeing to her needs and so on, but often her only need is to be rocked or bounced on the yoga ball, leaving our minds free to wander.

My personal favorite destinations:

  • The iPod. Oh, yeah, if I suspect that it’s going to be a long one, I’ll run those headphones up my shirt (so they don’t become a toy). I usually listen to the day’s NPR podcast, but I’ve been known to silently rock out, too.
  • Lullaby word games. Our current lullaby on repeat is from Music Together (anyone else do that?), called “Oh Shenandoah.” And, for no good reason, I can tell you that each verse has 11 As, 11 Es, 7 Is, 12 Os, and 5 Us.
  • Inner “Buzz.” For some people, it’s a college drinking game. For me, it’s a brain sharpener. (To the uninitiated, it’s a game where you count as high as you can get, replacing every 7 and factor of 7 with the word “Buzz.” Usually you play in a group, but my head gets so crowded sometimes, I find it perfectly appropriate.)
  • Practice my Cuban motion. I’ve just got one dance partner these days, anyway… the one I’m trying to put to bed!