anything’s a lullaby

We’re trying some adaptation of the “no-cry method” for sleep time now, and it’s working mostly-pretty well. Since means we help Boobaby get to sleep (rather than letting her “put herself” to sleep), one ramification is a lot of lullaby time.

Fortunately for lullaby-challenged me, I’ve found that anything sung dirge-like enough can be a lullaby. So far, I’ve had luck with:

And whatever else comes into my head. Call it the sleepyhead mix.

I’m also very fond of extemperanous versions of “Hush Little Baby,” with verses that can range from the classic “I’m gonna buy you a mockingbird” through to “I’m going to fire that guy’s lily ass” and “I’m going to buy you a big fat ho'” (and ho’ rhymes with a lot).