How to Use Stroller Connectors to Connect Two Strollers

stroller connectorsWe’ve only got one baby, thus one stroller (a Maclaren Volo). We have a good friend, though, with a very similar stroller (the Maclaren Triumph), so we thought we’d give these Prince Lionheart Stroller Connectors a try for occasions when I watch both the kids.

I was not too hopeful, because the connectors are designed for round tubes, and the vertical tube on the Maclarens is square in cross-section. That did cause some problems from time to time, but amazingly, the connectors did a pretty good job.

A couple of drawbacks:

  • If I pulled backwards or turned sharply, the adjacent front wheels got tangled. I learned that if I leaned the strollers back an inch while going backwards, the problem went away. Doing sharp turns, I could also slide the outside stroller back a little ways. (Imagine the way you hold your feet when ice skating around a turn.)
  • If I leaned back too much or often, the lower connector would feel the strain and pop off. I think this probably related to the whole “square tube in a round connector” problem.

Apart from that, though, I found that the two strollers connected were pretty maneuverable. Not too bad for 13 bucks!

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