Doodads: Delivery and the “Fourth Trimester”

Here are some things we found indispensable for the birthing process and for the first 12 weeks or so afterward. Remember, this isn’t a comprehensive layette; I’ve only listed the items that significantly changed the experience for the better. (Nor am I trying to sell anything in particular, by the way; this isn’t that kind of blog!)

  • A “Yoga ball” for labor and, more importantly, for bouncing baby! It was more effective for us than a rocking chair. We got a 65cm ball (Working Mom is 5’7″), which felt about right. They come bigger and smaller, though.
  • Cloth diapers as burp cloths (we have about 2 dozen of these and find that’s a good number—it all depends on how much your baby spits up—these are far more absorbent than the various other (terrycloth, flannel) burp cloths out there (albeit not as cute or pretty, etc., but very functional)
  • Flannel lap pads for use on the changing table; we place these on top of the changing pad cover so that when there are leaks while changing, we just have to replace the pad, not the whole cover (although we do have several covers, which is helpful)
  • Flannel crib pads to place on top of the sheet; again, this avoids your having to change all the bedding in the event of a leak.
  • Trixie Tracker, a Web site that lets you keep track of sleeping, feeding, pooping, and so on. This has been indispensable for us, and feeds our compulsive natures.
  • A Baby Bjorn. Doodaddy tried using a sling but found it uncomfortable. We got to know our Baby Bjorn so well that we started calling it by name. (Its name is “Sven.”)
  • Mamas & Papas Splash Barnacle Activity Boat, which is a playmat, sit-up cushion, and soft activity center. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s available anywhere anymore, but we found this to be the best of the best!)
  • Graco Snugride car seat for the infant, together with…
  • Inglesina Zippy stroller. We found this combination really easy to use and pretty durable for the price. I like to off-road the stroller a bit, but I thought the big-wheeled expensive brands were overkill.
  • Mighty Tite seatbelt cinchers. This single item has been a lifesaver for us. Working Mom takes the car to work, so Doodaddy uses one of those by-the-hour urban car rental services. Having the Mighty-Tite means easy ins-and-outs with the seat.
  • The Sassy Me In The Mirror crib mirror. This was a big hit with Boobaby.
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