Boobaby’s Book Club, Scatological edition: What’s in that diaper?

by doodaddy on December 20, 2007

Boobaby is enthralled by the contents of her diapers. "You see it!" she’ll shout — remember, she still calls herself "you" — especially if I am holding it at arm’s length to avoid the impressiveness of the stink.

Now she’s taken to wanting all her books to have a diaper theme, as well. Here are the plots of her two favorite books, modified Boobaby-style.

Jack’s Diapers, by Henry Cole

Jack’s Garden Diapers

In this lovely tale of spring, Jack prepares the soil (of his diapers), plants seeds (in his diapers), watches the sprouts arise (from his diapers), and finally bloom and attract insects and butterflies (around his diapers). I’m especially impressed that the various plants, bugs, and birds are labeled unobtrusively with their correct names, so this book will continue to interest Boo (or me, at least) even when she’s out of diapers. I think.

Kiki’s Diapers, by Warren Hanson

Kiki’s Hats Diapers

A lovely tale of giving for the holidays. Actual Kiki knits actual hats (Boobaby has one), but, of course, she likes to hear the diaper version. In Boo’s tale, Kiki sits on a pile of hats diapers that she’s knitted (I know, the mind boggles) and gives them away. You can take one hat diaper, Kiki says, as long as you give away another one. By the end, Kiki’s hats diapers go to orphans, Kazakhstanis, and — yep, you guessed it — nursing homes.

In all seriousness, these are both fantastic books — Kiki’s Hats in particular makes me cry in three places. (Not saying much, since I’m an easy crier, but there you go.)

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