That sound a locomotive makes when it’s just getting started

by doodaddy on December 5, 2007

That sound has been running through my head — you know, the really slow, chug-ga, chug-ga that you see in old movies and at the Lil’ Puffer at the zoo. It’s the sound of a struggle, as the heavy train lurches forward under the inevitable pull of the locomotive. To me, that off-the-blocks sound has always made the train seem a little desperate.

We moved on Monday, and Working Mom went back to work today. Boobaby and I had to stick nearby (three separate service providers needed access to the house today). So we explored our own house. Boo and I raked leaves and dug in the dirt of our own backyard, and although I’m thrilled that we can find worms from the comfort of our own home, won’t that make us more likely to remain in the comfort of our own home? Just the two of us with no one to show our worms to: it was, I’ll admit, a little lonely.

On the other hand, while the furnace guy was blasting out the ducts, Boo and I hiked up the mountain in our backyard, and that’s pretty cool. You sure couldn’t say that about our old place in the middle of dense urbanity. And we have heard tell of other kids nearby, so I guess I’d say I’m guardedly optimistic about our social prospects in the new neighborhood.

I’m also pathetically exhausted from the move and a thousand chores accomplished (and another thousand still to go — anyone know anything about dryer venting?). As I write this, I’m slumped over a kitchen stool way too high to be comfortably writing and further distracted by the Avril Lavigne videos running in another window. (I told you I was tired.)

But it’s a good tired, Avril notwithstanding, and thanks to the constant chugga-chugga sound wafting through my brain, it’s even a tired with potential. Steam is building up, the locomotive is moving faster, and bit by bit I’m becoming a resident of a new, strangely quiet neighborhood. Choo, choo.

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Dawn December 6, 2007 at 7:57 am

quiet is nice…. I’ve explored all of the nearby towns and NOT our backyard 🙂


Bryan December 6, 2007 at 2:17 pm

I think I can…I think I can…I think I can…


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