My Computer: Thank You XXIV

by doodaddy on November 24, 2007

Remember when Time magazine picked "the computer" as its "man [sic] of the year" in 1982? I remember thinking, "What a cop-out! Pick a real person, losers!" Turns out, their pick was prescient, even though their purple enthusiasm at the time seems quaint now:

Look! Here is Hewlett-Packard’s HP9000, on which you can sketch a new airplane, say, and immediately see the results in 3-D through holograph imaging; … it also sings, in a buzzing humanoid voice, "Amazing Grace" and "When I’m 64" or anything else that anyone wants to teach it…

So I’m wary that choosing my computer as an object of gratitude smacks of avoidance. Still, I can’t escape from the fact that my various computers over the years — from the Apple ][+ my mother bought for us in 1982 to my desktop PC today — have been, hands down, the most useful tools I own. If I had to choose, I’d go carless, not computerless. The TV? It would be out the window. Even the refrigerator might be a close call — I’d probably look into the possibilities in eating only warm foods before I’d ditch the computer.

So, to begin my last week of thank-yous with…

Thank you, computer!

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