News Flash: Baby Outgrows Playground; Daddy is ‘Shocked, Shocked!’

by doodaddy on November 6, 2007

Looking out of the playground

Looking Beyond the Playground

We walked home from the bus stop today past our usual little-kid playground, and I noticed that we hardly know anyone. I waved at one mom with a 10-month old, and briefly chatted with a 16-month old’s nanny. Every single baby, in fact, was under 18 months, and mostly we know those families only well enough for a friendly nod.

That’s when it struck me:

Yearlings own the playground.

It’s not like we dislike the place — we can still enjoy a good playground day. But when Boobaby was around a year old, a quick trip to the neighborhood park was all the stimulation she ever really needed. Lately, though, we’re just as likely to hop on a bus to explore kid-friendly museums and the lairs of all San Francisco’s long-haired freaky people.

So rather than near-daily playground visits, we might go two times in a week. Boobaby loves our new outing-filled routine. I, on the other hand, am having a hard time adjusting.

My nature is to expect things to always stay the same — work, social circles, household.  Once it was that every few years I’d look back at my life and be surprised at how much had changed. I can’t be so slow now that I’m a parent: Boobaby accelerated the pace of change to where every month entails a major shake-up to the routine.

  • One day we’re rocking Boo to sleep in a baby swing and the next she’s flying off the grown-up swings.
  • From not focusing on other kids at all, now she’s developing real friendships.
  • And where we used to haunt the playground so often that we knew its every crack and crevice, we now pass that mantle on to a new cohort of year-old babies.

And although I pine a little for it already, I hope the new crop enjoys their playground — and it’s theirs in that authentic way you can make a place your own by visiting it daily to learn its mysteries — even half as much as we have.

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Dawn November 6, 2007 at 6:30 pm

We just put Alex in a swing the first time last week!


Stephen November 12, 2007 at 2:00 pm

Every now and then I’ll tell my oldest daughter (now 5) to stop growing up because she’s growing too fast. She thinks that’s hilarious! 🙂


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