Mrs. Desroches, Fourth Grade: Thank You II

by doodaddy on November 2, 2007

I thought a little departure might help spice things up on this NaBloPoMo “one-a-day-thanks” thing, so today’s object of my gratitude is from my past: one of my elementary-grade teachers. (I haven’t really made a list, but at the mo’, I’m guessing that a lot of my teachers will end up on this thanks list!)

Thanks, Ms. Desroches, for introducing me to Dolphin Island.

You probably won’t have heard of this book, but you should. It’s by Arthur C. Clarke, the 2001 A Space Odyssey guy, except in this one, little Johnny Clinton learns to talk to dolphins in some near-off future.

Me and dolphin

Yup, that’s me. It’s all down to you, Ms. D.

I was a dolphin nut, but I’d never really thought I could work with them, because I didn’t much like dolphin shows. The book was my first contact with real working marine biologists and through it I realized that I could get to know one without having to train it to jump through flaming hoops. And though my life’s had plenty of detours since then, I did realize the dream of caring for animals and the environment while at the same time teaching kids about it.

So… thanks again!

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