We’ll Never Fly Southwest Again, Obviously

by doodaddy on September 20, 2007

Boobaby has seven grandparents in four different locations, so we fly a lot. We frequently fly inexpensive Southwest, which famously boards its passengers like livestock. With a baby, you pre-board, so that’s all right, but without, you’re on your own to battle with the other passengers for seats and overhead space. Waiting for a Southwest flight reminds me of third world airports: groups of people lounging on their huge bags lolling about on the ground everywhere. 

So I’m glad I noticed this article in our local paper about how Southwest will no longer pre-board families with children under 4.

Read that again: if you’re running late to the airport (gee, with a baby? never!), then your toddler might be seated in the middle of, say, the row in front of you. If you’re lucky. Hah!

The CEO, whose name is something like Doofus McChildless, said he thought that was only “fair.”

The article is actually pretty funny reading — they think they’re going to gain efficiency with a system that divides people into A, B, and C groups, and further into subgroups of five (A1-A5, A6-A10, A11-A15). That’ll be hilarious to watch in action — from across the hall, mind you, where we’ll be waiting in the boarding area for any airline that assigns seats, thankyouverymuch.

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Dawn September 20, 2007 at 4:09 pm

check this

Veeerrrrrry interesting! Even more reason… –Dd.


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