You’d better watch out or you’ll see her on a milk carton someday!

by doodaddy on July 26, 2007

Hey, everyone! I just posted about freaky people being freaky with your baby over at GNM Parents; here’s an excerpt:

Boobaby and I were walking home from the park with Cry it Out Mike and his little girl the other day when a San Francisco Lady remarked about my 18-month old daughter: “Awww, she’s so cute! You’d better watch out or you’ll see her on a milk carton someday!”

What a weird, creepy thing to say…

We get a lot of the freaks here in San Francisco…

Check out the whole story over at GNM Parents.

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cryitout July 27, 2007 at 1:08 am

Great post DD — very funny. Even though I still think she was a crackwhore.



Sue at nobaddays July 27, 2007 at 9:15 am

Ugh! Some people just have no filter, do they?


Bryan July 27, 2007 at 12:36 pm

Funny. Just curious, isn’t it just as freaky for someone to say “S/he’s so cute I could just eat him up!”

Does our culture have some sort of horrible-things-happen-to-babies-in-a-good-way disorder?

By the way, I thought I had somehow gotten linked to the ENTIRELY wrong blog when I saw the chaps picture. Happy Aniversary!


Xbox4NappyRash July 27, 2007 at 12:38 pm

I guess, you could, if you stood back and squinted, take it as a compliment as to how lucky you are to have such pretty daughter.

and you could, if you squinted even harder, try to not see how unflattering that is to this wee mad world we have




doodaddy July 27, 2007 at 12:57 pm

@Cryitout~ Yeah, but like I said, a crack whore would’ve ditched the dogs, and probably wouldn’t pay for a dye job, right? So hard to tell. I’ll ask next time I see her!

@Bryan~ So you thought you’d hit one of the *other* links in your favorites list? “Dude Daddy,” maybe? I know, it’s the next one on there…

@X4NR~That’s pretty much what I was thinking myself… but then I get hit with some example of how cool people can be, too. It’s just been a while for that latter one!


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