Doodad Inferiority Complex

by doodaddy on June 28, 2007

Some of my favorite doodads are of my own invention.

My Wine Door

My Wine Door
You really must click it for the full impact of its amazingness.

Check this out: I built a baby-proof door to the wine rack using PVC and a carabiner. Oh, how I love carabiners! I guess that hole’s not exactly straight or anything, but it’s in the right place!

So I thought I was pretty slick until I got my first copy of Make magazine today, a Father’s Day present. Now I pretty much feel like a useless lump.

The issue has an article on how to “build your own microcontroller-driven sound and light device to obtain altered states of consciousness.” Pinouts and solder figure heavily. Um. What?

Another is subtitled

“Turn a Hot Wheels toy into a versatile radar gun.”

Just how versatile is a radar gun gonna be? And maybe I’d prefer the Hot Wheels car, anyway.

I’m actually enjoying Make, the same way that I like National Geographic: it’s aspirational. I see adventurous photographers in, oh, say, an active volcano crater on a far-off island inhabited by venomous lightning toads and I think, “I could do that. I just choose not to.” I’d also have to be about 10 steps cooler and able to sport a three-day growth without getting horrible acne. But apart from that — that could totally be me.


My Flippable Magnet Signs
Do the inventions never cease?

Make is like that, except substitute dangerous nature photography for disassembling your DVD burner to get the cool laser.

Of course, I can only read magazines in the short breaks I take from pasting magnets together to make informational signs.

Much more my speed.

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moodswingingmommy July 3, 2007 at 8:06 am

Snort! Love the inventions! You’re a regular Thomas Edison compared to my husband (aka Captain Destructo)


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