My buddyguard

by doodaddy on March 16, 2007

Remember Grandma Possessive? Well, she had a run-in with my park buddy yesterday in which she (and I can’t put this in large enough letters)


off the drinking fountain and yelled at him for some perceived sharing infraction. I’m perhaps a bit shyer than the mommies when it comes to touching other people’s kids, but I certainly would never discipline another kid! Or yell at! Or grab!

This is grandma off the deep end. She doesn’t know how to appropriately behave around her own grandkid, let alone other people’s.

After a shouting match, my park buddy went home to get out of the toxic environment.

How can people be like this at a playground?

This one needs to go. Can people be evicted from a playground?

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aimee/greeblemonkey March 20, 2007 at 11:08 am

It’s interesting. Since becoming a mom, I certainly have become more ballsy about telling other kids what to do. But to YELL? or GRAB? No way Jose. Nope. Never. And I am sure you can figure out an appropriate eviction plan for Crazy Grandma.


doodaddy March 20, 2007 at 12:38 pm

@greebly~ I know — it was just so freaky. My poor friend, I felt awful for her, she was shaky all weekend. (For the record, I do correct others’ kids, too, but in that positive, mild, teachery kind of way, and only in the absence of the caregiver.)

Can I confess a guilty Schadenfreude, though? This is that new friend I really wanted to, I dunno, impress, I guess. Not that I’d ever wish such a horrible thing on someone else, but as long as it happened, I was really flattered that I got to be the supportive buddy.

Not exactly unadulterated supportiveness, is it?

I used to feel the same way when a student of mine would confide something in me. Maybe I’ll go easy on myself and phrase it more positively: By trusting me to be sympathetic in a difficult time, they give me a gift, and it’s OK to take pleasure in a gift.





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