Monday, Monday

by doodaddy on September 25, 2006

Man, I hate Mondays. I actually used to like them: as a SAHF I sort of liked “getting back to work” after having to share it over the weekend. (Actually, I really like Fridays when they come around, too, so I guess it goes two ways.) But the last couple of weeks have really been tough: I’ve had a desperately unhappy little girl on my hands, and I can’t yet figure out why.

Here are my theories:

  • Teething. Boobaby’s had teething episodes before that resembled the desperate, long-winded crying. However, she’s not pulling at her teeth, drooling, or chewing (more than usual), so I’m inclined to doubt this.
  • Belly issues. Definitely a possibility, although we are obsessive about monitoring her intake, and I haven’t been able to link Boobaby’s Mondays with any food in particular.
  • Missing mom. I think this is probably it, although I have a hard time telling Working Mom about that. More specifically, I think that she is missing nursing from a real boob.

There it is. In at least one way, SAH-fathering is tougher than SAH-mothering. When Boobaby is unhappy on a weekend or after work, Working Mom nurses her and all is back to normal. I’ve got no equipment for that. Bottle feeding doesn’t seem to help, and in fact, she seems to overeat (to the point of gagging and spitting up) if I respond to every crying episode with a bottle. (Giving her other things to suck on helps, like a teething ring or toy.)

Today, we didn’t even make it to the park! We started out during a lull, got halfway, and had to turn back when she went crazy again. I’d even sent Dooce a note saying we’d be there on and off this week… they’re in town for a few days and I reached out to try to create some community. But we didn’t make it!

Sigh. Mysteries.

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