teething (part I of many, I assume)

by doodaddy on September 24, 2006

Today was my first day in real teething hell… cranky, endless, pitiable teething hell. Boobaby’s already gotten three of her teeth with only minor complaint: one dose of tylenol later and it’s all gone. But today… wow. She’s been mostly crying for three and a half hours, with rare bits of joy when for some reason the pain went away temporarily. She wouldn’t eat, so she’s probably hungry on top of it. In the universe’s way of heaping all woes in piles rather than spreading them out, she’s probably constipated and going through a growth spurt, too.

Gave her Tylenol, rubbed her gums, used a refrigerated teether and a room-temp one, brushed her teeth, offered bottles and water and everything. At most, she would calm down for a few minutes. During those lulls, however, if I put her down and walk away, she started on the crying jag again; her nascent separation anxiety seems to have been aggravated by the pain.

Finally the pain seemed to abate enough that sleepiness and hunger took over: she took a bottle and went to sleep. For a bit. Time to stoke myself with some quick food and coffee in case the nap is short-lived!

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