Fairy Doors Redux: Evil Undead Edition

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by doodaddy on October 16, 2011

I have a good friend who’s locally famous (internationally, if you count the blog) for his fairy doors.

And I have a five-year old obsessed with the macabre and roadkill and skeletons, especially around Halloween.

So when I try to get my five-year old to change her ways by showing her pictures of my friend’s sweet and mysterious fairy doors, what do I get?

Of course: the Fairy Graveyard.

The red splotches, I’m told, are blood. (Did I mention she’s five?)


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It’s astonishing how quickly I’ve come to define parenting in terms of things I’ve missed.

Like: my kids have never pooped in the bathtub. Now isn’t that an adventure squandered?

Claudia isn’t three yet, so maybe I’m counting my poop-free chickens a trifle prematurely. But she’s an open book when it comes to bodily functions, and besides, if she were too many hours away from her last poop I wouldn’t let her into the tub in the first place.

So I think I’m safe: our bathtub has escaped being dookified.

As rites of passage go, I can live without crap in the bathtub. But we’re missing something else that does register as a loss: Claudia’s older sister Fern will not be having a first day of kindergarten.

Here in San Francisco, you only get to go to your neighborhood school if you win a lottery. (If you’re not from here, this is a long story, but it begins with Howard Jarvis burning in a special corner of hell all his own.)

We played the lottery three times and lost — we have two more chances this fall but only after school starts. So that wonderful sad pride every parent feels dropping off their kid on the first day of kindergarten with all the other wide-eyed 5-year olds, taking that first step together into a larger and more wonderful world: yep, not us.


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Bribe and Switch

April 27, 2011

After preschool drop-off is supposed to be naptime for toddlers, but we’ve got neighbors coming for dinner and we desperately need at least a single grape or stick of broccoli or something to show that we do, in fact, eat vitamins here. But sleepy Claudia generates her own gravity, and that’s hard to fight — […]

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Friday the 13th is So Well Named

August 14, 2010

Like all insomniacs, I blame my occasional bouts of sleeplessness on something. Tonight the culprit is the Outside Lands Festival. Sitting up in bed at 3-something-a-frikkin’-m, I’ll imagine how stressful the traffic is going to be tomorrow when I try to cross town over the biggest Golden Gate Park festival of the year to get […]

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The Preschooler Security Agency

August 11, 2010
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Fern had a little cut on her toe yesterday, and somewhere in the periphery of my toddler-addled brain I heard her friends — over for a playdate — plan to put a bandage on it. "How cute," I thought, as I continued to play with little Claudia. "They’re going to find her a Band-Aid." It […]

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